3 Tips on Testing App Performance

3 Tips on Testing App Performance
October 08 10:00 2013  

Performance is an important characteristic of any software, so it must be given due consideration executing mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing.

Many applications are tested and developed using relatively small amount of data. Frequently the data are not like the ones real users will input. Such incompetent approach leads to the application failure in production due to insufficient performance capacity.

To Create Application with Appropriate Performance it is Recommended:

1. To Test an Application on Production-Sized Databases

A software testing company advises using databases similar to those that will be used in production during performance testing.

2. To Test an Application on Databases With Different Quantity of Enrolments

Developers should not forget that growing quantity of data deteriorates software performance. Executing software testing, it is necessary to utilize different sets of data, for instance databases with 1, 100, 1000, 10000 enrolments, and watch how the performance capacity alters.

It is also good to determine the biggest number of enrolments with which the software performance is still satisfying.

3. To Execute Performance Testing Early in the Development Process

It is better to test an application performance during first phases of the development rather than postpone it to the end of the development cycle. In this case less time, efforts and resource will be needed to implement necessary corrections and modifications.

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