Particularities of Managing Audio Info by Software

Particularities of Managing Audio Info by Software
November 26 10:00 2013  

Mobile devices are tooled up with microphones and speakers enabling us to communicate with other people. With the help of microphones and speakers audio information may be recorded and played back.

Many mobile software products use these instruments for storing and processing audio data. Such programs allow holding, and playing music and various audio files, recording and altering sounds, audio messages and other important information.

Personal computers are also often equipped with microphones and speakers. So, one should consider their functions performing software testing .

It is useful, interesting and convenient to create, alter and share audio files with the help of software products. But a software testing company warns that there may be some problems with applying programs managing audio information.

Weakness of Using Audio Managing Programs:

  1. There may be problems with recording and uploading audio data in an application. The data may be damaged or lost.
  2. There may be problems with playing audio data. The sound may be distorted or play with delays.
  3. Audio information may be resource consuming. There may be difficulties with saving and storing of audio files in a software product if the files are large.
  4. If audio file is large a device or may freeze up processing it.
  5. There are listening restrictions in some states, access to some programs or information is prohibited there.

A software testing company advises to check carefully audio issues performing load testing, usability testing, security testing and other types of testing activities.

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