Importance of First Impression of Mobile Software

Importance of First Impression of Mobile Software
February 10 10:00 2014  

Software producers started to develop mobile software products relatively recently, several years ago, when tablets and smartphones appeared. Mobile applications have some distinctions from desktop applications. That is why mobile, desktop and website testing has special features.

In order to execute mobile testing productively a QA company advises testers to memorize their first impression from the software. In course of often usage of an application the first impression may change and people often forget it.

But the first impression has critical influence on the user decision where to utilize the software product or to delete it and work with a competitor’s application.

It is Important to Observe if There are Any Inconveniences or Difficulties When:

  • a tester finds and installs the mobile software for the first time;
  • a tester begins to interact with the mobile application for the first time.

It may be hard for people often dealing with the latest mobile technologies to notice little inconspicuous inconvenience, but the inconvenience may be a serious problem for people who are unfamiliar with modern technologies. That is why it is a good idea to engage ordinary people in mobile software testing. Such approach is efficient for website and testing as well.

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