What Mobile App Behavior Can Be Software Bug?

What Mobile App Behavior Can Be Software Bug?
November 08 10:00 2013  

Frequently it is difficult for junior testers to determine what a software bug is. It seems easy only at first glance. But when junior testers enter upon web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing, they often are confused about various issues.

Odd behavior of a software product is one of such issues. Problems of this kind happen more frequently during mobile testing.

Mobile devices differ from other computers by certain functions. They are designed to work under various conditions, on the move. Mobile applications are meant to perform many operations simultaneously, for instance, locating the device during movement, supporting wireless communication and so on.

A software testing company distinguishes several kinds of mobile application strange behavior.

So, One Should Report About Software Bug If:

There are Odd Objects on the Screen

After entering something or moving the device the screen looks distorted, or objects of unusual size are displayed.

Strange Error Messages Appear

When a user works with the application a weird error message appears unexpectedly. The message gives no useful information what should be done to continue work.

Long Delays During Work

One has to wait forever to accomplish an operation when working with the program.

Issues of those kinds are defects. If they are discovered during mobile application testing they should be added to the bug tracker.

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