What Are Peculiarities of Modern Web Applications?

June 16 10:00 2014  

Before proceeding to web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing, one should familiarize oneself with the utilized technologies, specificity of structure, back end, functional and non-functional characteristics of the software under test.

Web applications have become complex and multilevel programs. Many technologies can be utilized for their creation and in course of interacting with them. A web application may be written in several programming languages. One may use various network systems and technologies for interaction with such a program. That sort of software products requires certain server hardware and uses different databases.

So, while we are waiting for a response from a web application, a lot of different complex processes may be performing. Any software testing company would confirm that problems with any of the processes cause poor functioning of the software and various errors.

Acronym CRUD is often used for describing what the application can do with data that are in its database.

CRUD Means That the Program Can:

  • create new data in its database;
  • read data form its database;
  • update data in its database;
  • delete the stored data.

Any software testing company wants its testers to thoroughly check in course of manual and automated testing whether the tested system executes the mentioned operations appropriately.

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