3 Languages Mostly Used in Modern Web Apps

3 Languages Mostly Used in Modern Web Apps
June 17 10:00 2014  

Modern web technology is rather sophisticated. It allows to create dynamic and user friendly web applications.

Due to information technology evolution and constant enhancement of software products testers often find characteristics of different application types in one, performing web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing.

Modern Web Applications Are Created By Means Of:

  • HTML;
  • CSS;
  • JavaScript.

Those who deal with manual or automated testing, or other branches of information technology are well familiar with these instruments.

HTML is markup language. It is utilized for creating and formatting documents for World Wide Web. At present there is a variety of smart word processors that can format text by means of HTML automatically.

CSS is a formatting language that relies on HTML. One can create bright and interesting design with the help of CSS. It is widely utilized in most of modern web software products.

JavaScript is a programming language. It is mostly used for making web pages interactive and is supported by web browsers. Different interactive and multimedia elements are usually written in JavaScript. Then they are embedded into the web application formatted by means of HTML.

A software testing company would confirm that testers with at least basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript perform web site testing more effective than those, who are not familiar with these languages.

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