How to Test Web Sites and Applications?

How to Test Web Sites and Applications?
April 21 10:00 2015  

Web technologies became complex. They involve lots of various aspects and are meant to satisfy the user needs the best way. From simple informational sites web software products have evolved into complex web applications serving different purposes.

Web software is a basis for e-commerce, social networks, databases, it serves various purposes in numerous fields such as medicine, science, building, accounting, agriculture, etc. Most of activities are impossible today without using specialized web programs.

Nowadays there are many web software products adjusted not only for desktop devices, but mobile ones as well. So, mobile testing often assumes web application testing on mobile devices.

Web software is specific by nature, its developing and verification require specific approaches.

Test engineers specializing in web sites and applications claim that every web software product must be carefully checked.

Any Web Software Product Requires:

  • functional testing; one should pay considerable attention to checking the links;
  • compatibility testing;
  • cross-browser testing, if a web browser is needed for interaction with it;
  • user interface testing;
  • usability testing;
  • load testing;
  • security testing.

If the product is available in different countries, several languages, localization testing  is necessary as well.

The mentioned testing types should include tests for checking cookies as they play an important role in web application functioning.

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