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Methods of Web Applications Testing

Many testers during their career at least once faced with incomplete testing of sites that almost always leads to considerable financial costs, customer dissatisfaction, and, eventually, to the re-development of

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What are Peculiarities of Web Software Back-End Testing?

Nowadays there are many types of software products, they have some specific features. One of specificities of web software products is that they mostly perform operations and locate on the

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How to Test Web Sites and Applications?

Web technologies became complex. They involve lots of various aspects and are meant to satisfy the user needs the best way. From simple informational sites web software products have evolved

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Why do Many People Don’t Like Cookies?

Web software developers claim that cookies are created only for increasing usability and usefulness of web sites. But a lot of users and experts in web site testing disagree with

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What Are Peculiarities of Cookies?

More and more people use the Internet for work, educational purposes and entertainment. The majority of the Internet users cannot imagine their lives without it and favorite web software. That

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Should Networking Issues be Always Included in Testing?

A lot of modern software products utilize Internet. Such applications do not operate if the connection is absent. Everybody knows that web sites are among these applications, as no site

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