What to test During Web Performance Testing?

What to test During Web Performance Testing?
April 28 10:00 2015  

In time of intense rivalry between software producers every aspect of a software product plays an important role in its success or failure at the market.

That is why every detail should be carefully thought out, implemented and verified by experts in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing.

Among essential characteristics of a web application is its performance. As a rule, a web site or web application is meant for simultaneous interaction with many users. The users do not like to wait, let alone freezing up or crashing of the program during work.

Web software producers should pay considerable attention to performance testing in order to save the users from such an unpleasant experience and make their product profitable.

Performance Testing of a Web Application Usually Assumes Checking:

  • whether the pages load within the reasonable time;
  • how the pages load under slow networking connection;
  • whether the database stored procedures and triggers operate fast enough and correctly;
  • how fast database queries work.

Specialists in web software testing also insist on executing load testing, as a web program must correctly and fast function under certain loads, for example, large number of simultaneous users.

Stress testing wouldn’t be superfluous as well. It is wise to make sure that the tested application fails properly, does not damage and does not loose important data.

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