Why Robot is not a Substitute for Human Tester

Why Robot is not a Substitute for Human Tester
April 06 07:06 2016  

It’s been years and years of discussions about replacing all manual testing processes with automated ones. This goes along with the general debates of whether or not robots will be able to take our jobs away.

In software testing, there are particular tasks that should better be automated. Among them are data gathering, analysis, statistics. Test automation is intended to simplify and accelerate functional testing, mobile testing, integration testing and other types of testing. However, it cannot cover all of the processes.

What Are the Advantages of Human Approach over Machine Approach?

  • The main area that is and will be under the reign of human testers is the usability testing. GUI can certainly be tested with automated scripts, but only humans can explain why the interface is not intuitive or why the particular arrangement of buttons is more usable than another one.
  • Sometimes only a manual tester can notice that some feature works incorrectly. It happens because automated scripts work according to the logic that is strictly defined for them, while humans are also guided by principles of common sense.
  • Security testing is a prerogative of humans. Here, a tester should have a thought process typical for a hacker. Computers don’t have it.
  • Websites can be localized using automated translation tools, but it’s often just an abracadabra. Only humans can take cultural context into account.

Combination of human efforts and automation is a perfect blend, and it’s not going to change for a long time.

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