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Is your website launch worth generating buzz? 0

2 billion is the total number of websites available on the Internet. Have you ever wondered how many of them are actively used? Only 200 millions. And to make a

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How quality of your website defines its success 1

The digitalization of markets transforms a website into a business card of every company and service. Apart from that, as the end users’ requirements become more demanding, companies are developing

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Tools for Responsive Design Testing 0

The web market increases every day and new technologies are applied during their creation. Rather often, the end users face the products with the responsive design while utilizing their mobile

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How to Test a Website for Session Timeout Errors? 0

Website testing is a special type of checking which usually includes many stages. Manual testing commonly goes slightly into automated testing, and then, vice versa. A website, as a communication

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Tools for Successful Cross-browser Testing 0

Software product testing is a complex process which is usually performed with the help of additional means – special testing tools. For example, executing website testing, a specialist needs to

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Web Site Testing: Whim or Necessity? 0

Today, almost every company hoping to expand the circle of its customers and creates its own web site or even a few. But just to create a web site is

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