Test Strategies: Mix, Match and Succeed

Test Strategies: Mix, Match and Succeed
July 26 07:06 2016  

For each software testing company, strategic planning has exclusively individual character. It is impossible to choose one strategy and slavishly stick to it throughout the entire software testing process.

Experienced test managers prefer to combine different strategies and adapt them to meet the projects’ needs. The overall success of delivered QA service is to a great extent dependent on the selected strategies.

What Are the Tips for Strategic Planning?

  • To choose the perfect strategies, consider multiple concepts and ideas, including those from other team members. A great idea is to take the best from each suitable strategy and combine it.
  • Selected strategies should correlate with your goals. If you are striving to perform a perfect usability testing or complex localization testing, make sure that the selected strategy is suitable for that.
  • Do not confuse far-reaching strategies and instantaneous, minor decisions. If a long-term strategy is an efficient automated testing, it does nоt mean that techniques that one chooses during testing cannot vary a bit.
  • If one is under time crunch, it is almost impossible to find an ideal combination of strategies. Instead, try to choose a path which is sufficiently good for the project. If the time is limited, make a decision based on the information had at the current moment.

Although test strategy is by no means easy thing to do, the process of choosing and following it can be quite amusing.

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