Bug Is Discovered: What Is Next?

Bug Is Discovered: What Is Next?
October 11 06:56 2016  

Software testing is a complex concept which involves many types of activities, the set of standard rules, and the roles distribution. Each professional tester, preparing to functional, security, mobile application or user interface testing, should strictly and fully understand what actions should be executed after the bug is detected.

The loss of time is often too expensive under software development cycle. Thus, each employee should realize his direct responsibilities and make no delay.

Now it is time to define the step-by-step actions that should be performed by a software expert after the errors detection.

How Should a Tester Behave when the Bug Is Detected?

  • Open the bug tracking system and start to fill the required fields accurately and clear in order for the developers to be able to easily understand the problem.
  • Define bug priority and severity, steps to reproduce, specify the actual and expected result.
  • Choose the bug status and assign resolution (e.g. “Opened/Closed”, “In progress/Acknowledged”), write the defect description.
  • Do not forget to mention the OS version and browser name (especially, in the case of cross-browser testing).
  • Make screenshots or video of the detected mistake.
  • Check whether the bug is reproducible.
  • Be ready for the retest procedure and regression testing if required.
  • Always analyze the results of returned/fixed defects.

Reporting of bugs is an inherent and very important part of the test process and QA activity as an entire. A tester should not neglect its obligatory performance and strictly follow all the listed stages.

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