Skills Needed to Become Test Automation Engineer

October 14 10:00 2014  

Nowadays one can find a great number of software testing companies that provide mobile testing, desktop testing, and web site testing. Test engineers play a significant role in improving and maintaining quality of software products.

Software producers came to realize the importance of testing activities before the product release.

With time testing developed different types and levels. Growing demand for various testing services had been a reason for increasing value of software testers. At first the work of a tester was rather boring. But now numerous career paths are available in software testing field. A junior tester may grow to a position of a manager or team lead.

A software tester can build a successful career in automated testing. Specialists of that kind are highly valued on a modern job market. Many types of testing involve automation at present. So, automated test engineers often participate in functional testing, performance testing, security testing.

Skills and Knowledge of Automated Test Engineers That are Especially Appreciated:

  • knowledge of programming languages Python, Java, Perl and other;
  • skills in working with different instruments;
  • abilities to evaluate various automated testing instruments;
  • experience in using test management instruments, for instance, CQTM from IBM and other;
  • abilities to evaluate results of performance testing, identify performance defects of the system and suggest solutions.

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