What to Indicated in Unit Test Plan?

What to Indicated in Unit Test Plan?
January 08 10:00 2015  

It is common knowledge that unit testing is instrumental in any software development process. It is carried out before integration testing and system testing, at first phases of a software product construction, when only separate modules of a program are created.

It helps to find most of serious errors in the program code and prevent their appearance in later development phases. It is usually automated and performed by specialists in automated testing.

Peculiarities of unit testing should be described in the project test plan.

A Test Plan Should Specify:

  • the preferable coverage of unit tests;
  • the methods, measures and approaches that will be applied for evaluation of the testing activities and tests results;
  • the tests completion criteria.

In a test plan one should also indicate the details of unit testing, order of the planned activities. Names of specialists responsible for every task of the project must be in the document as well.

In a Test Plan One Usually Can Find Names of Test Engineers Responsible For:

  • writing unit tests;
  • automation of the unit tests;
  • running the scripts;
  • evaluation of the tests results.

If unit testing passed successfully and the developers join the units together, integration testing is executed. When all the parts are integrated, it is time for system testing. These testing types must also be described in the test plan.

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