Why Plan Testing Even Under Tight Time Constraints?

Why Plan Testing Even Under Tight Time Constraints?
May 27 10:00 2015  

Very little time is often allocated on web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing. Software producers mostly concentrate on the development and saving costs, as a result, quality assurance team has to work under pressure.

But specialists in manual and automated testing can verify a software product and discover significant quality faults even for a short time.

Novice, inexperienced testers may decide to save time at the cost of planning and choose ad-hoc testing as the best solution in such a situation.

But functional testing, security testing, performance testing and other testing activities require even more careful planning under tight time constraints. One must check only the most vital aspects of the software, so, first of all it is necessary to determine them.

Planning Urgent Software Testing One Shouldn’t Omit:

  • frequently used functions of the software;
  • the most important functions for the client;
  • parts of the program that were coded hastily;
  • aspects that can cause the severe consequences or gain publicity;
  • high risk areas from the point of view of the programmers and customers.

Careful planning doesn’t always mean lots of typing and detailed lists. It is necessary just to note the important points in order not to miss any serious problem.

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