Tips on Working With Popular Sites for Freelance Testers

June 08 10:00 2015  

Many mature experts in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing started their careers as freelance testers at sites like,,

Sites of that type help beginners to get the first experience in software testing and find out whether this field is their cup of tea.

To become successful and quickly get projects, one should learn specificity of interaction with the customers and work at the resources.

Experienced Users of,, Advise:

  • To avoid desperate applying for all the available vacancies. Such behavior indicates incompetency and lack of experience in manual and automated testing.
  • To keep in mind that there are limitations on the number of free bids. That means that the testers should apply only for positions for which they have the required skills, knowledge, and experience.
  • To apply for at least one suitable position every day. Always active profile is more attractive for the customers than the one with occasional activity.

Having received some experience in functional testing, usability testing, security testing one may apply to a software testing company. Being a part of such an organization is more beneficial in many aspects than freelancing. One may concentrate only at the tasks and improving the skills and leave organizational and other supportive works to those, who specialize in them.

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