Is it Necessary for a Tester to Be a Polyglot?

Is it Necessary for a Tester to Be a Polyglot?
October 26 13:02 2015  

As there are a lot of different languages, software products are developed and modified for speakers of different languages. Often, performing web-site testing or mobile application testing, testers check the app or a web-site in a language that they don’t know.

But still, there are key elements that can be always tested, despite of the language that is used by a tester.

What Can Be Checked by a Tester with no Language Knowledge?

  • The page makeup.

During software testing the evident visual fouls, for example, the headlines displacement or the interpenetration of letters, are easily noticed, despite the used language.

  • The functionality.

Usually, functional testing contains the familiar steps for checking a specific issue. If tester gets the error message, one can verify the subject-matter of the message using any online dictionary.

  • The presence of contradictories.

In such a case, tester should only have basic knowledge of grammar and a normal sense of sight. It is obvious that the employees of software testing company suit these requirements. The widespread mistakes are a small letter at the beginning of the sentence, an upside down question mark, the usage of both types of quotation marks simultaneously etc.

  • The correspondence of letters.

While inputting data, tester uses the letters appropriate to the language of the app or a web-site. For example, in the German language there is an eszett character. The foreign extra letters should be looked more closely and precisely during software testing.

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