Peculiarities of Mobile Performance Testing

Peculiarities of Mobile Performance Testing
August 11 05:49 2016  

The first thing that should be known about mobile performance testing is that some of its rules are the same as in web application testing, but mobile performance is more multifaceted.

Type and operation of devices, stability of Internet connection – these and many other aspects directly influence the user experience on mobile devices.

How to Plan and Execute Mobile Performance Testing?

  • Build a testing strategy in accordance with a development model adopted in a software testing company. For example, the Agile methodology implies continuous integration, so a testing strategy should be built accordingly.
  • Make sure that testing is executed according to business requirements and company-wide strategy.
  • Use key metrics to check the performance during mobile application testing.
  • At the beginning of testing, use only a limited number of scenarios to determine basic capabilities of a product under test.
  • Remember that the best way to obtain valuable information is to use real devices. It’s not an end-all answer, but it can help to better understand the behavior of an app in real-world conditions.

It is also important to test mobile performance with different carrier networks and geographic locations of users. Such an exhaustive check will provide real-life data and help to improve the overall performance of a mobile app.

In general, properly planned strategy is a key to a high-performance mobile app.

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