What Is ETL Testing?

What Is ETL Testing?
December 14 07:34 2016  

ELT is an abbreviation for Extraction, Transformation, and Loading of data. ETL testing is closely connected with data warehousing but still they have their own specific features. Nowadays, databases are widely used and their operating should be error-free.

This software testing type is intended to check whether the logic of data extraction and transformation is proper. Besides that, ETL testing shows whether the loaded data meet the requirements.

The point is that there is a huge amount of data on various data sources and only the required data should be extracted from the resource and transformed according to the business logic and data definition of the target database. After that, the data should be loaded into the cohesive database.

What Are the Peculiarities of ETL Testing?

  • All necessary functional requirements documentation is provided to the ETL test team.
  • Test estimates are done and the validation procedures are performed.
  • According to the available documentation and done estimations, the test planning is conducted.
  • The ELT test scenarios are designed, and according to them, the team creates test cases needed for testing.
  • The approved test cases are run and the actual results are analyzed and compared with the expected ones.
  • The ELT test team conducts also performance tests.
  • All necessary test reports are done and passed to the product team.

It is difficult to say that software testing company performs ETL testing rather often. It is a pretty new field of testing.

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