Prospective Jobs of Technology World

Prospective Jobs of Technology World
March 06 07:12 2017  

It is well-known that IT is the future. More and more companies create new innovative products and technologies. There are software developers who design and implement different ideals, software testers.

What are top new tech jobs of the future?

  • VR Engineer. Nowadays virtual reality concerns not only the game industry. VR platforms are created for various purposes. It is a fast-growing sphere and soon it will require high-skilled specialists.
  • AR Engineer. Beside VR, AR (Augmented reality) also is a new popular area. It needs the specialists who will develop software that will integrate the real world items with different programs. Just look at the success of Pokemon Go J
  • Cognitive Computing Engineer. Augmented intelligence is very close. Cognitive computing is rather developed now. But instead of replication human intelligence, the augmented intelligence systems are created to help a person to perform a work of several humans. The development of the tools of machine learning and cognitive computing requires the specialists with appropriate skills. And do not forget about the neural network.

Also, the IT security will require the creation of new technologies for improving the product reliability and safety. As a result security testing will pass a range of modifications. But, nevertheless, the field of software testing will still be in demand and the specialists of software testing company should be more creative and smart in order to provide the QA service of a high quality.

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