What Is SRS (Software Requirements Spec)?

What Is SRS (Software Requirements Spec)?
March 28 08:28 2017  

SRS (Software Requirements Specification) is a document that describes the system that should be developed and implemented. It contains a full and detailed description of intended purposes, system behavior, user’s and system requirements. Also, SRS defines the expected system performance and capabilities.

The aim of SRS is to specify the software product in details. In other words, it contains all necessary and important information that the product team should be aware of in order to create the software. It is used during software product testing.

There are the standards for such kind of documentation (IEE/ANSI 830-1998). The specification structure is predefined.

What Is the Structure of SRS?

  • Introduction (purpose, scope, terms, references, overview).
  • Overall description (product perspective, functions, user characteristics, assumptions, etc.).
  • Specific requirements (for interface, performance, design, etc.).

SRS should be unambiguous, complete, correct, consistent, modifiable and verifiable. It captures a set of various requirements types:

  • functional
  • performance
  • quality
  • safety
  • reliability
  • interface
  • maintainability
  • operational

This type of specification is used by the employees of a software testing company during mobile testing, desktop products checking, game testing or web apps testing.

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