Books about Selenium WebDriver

Books about Selenium WebDriver
April 04 07:49 2017  

During automated testing, the specialists apply different techniques and used various tools of software testing. Rather often, a software testing company utilizes a set of Selenium tools, especially Selenium WebDriver. It is one of most popular open-source automated testing tools.

if a specialist of manual testing wants to be engaged in Selenium testing, then he can start from reading several books that will highlight different aspects of the checking process. Here is the list of the most useful books.

What books should every Selenium tester read?

  • Selenium 2 Testing Tools: Beginner’s Guide by David Burns will show how to use tools for web apps testing in Java environment.
  • Test Automation Using Selenium Webdriver with Java: Step by Step Guide by Navneesh Garg is rather easy to read and understand. It describes the procedure of installation, configuration and designing the framework.
  • Selenium Simplified: Selenium-RC, Java and JUnit by Alan Richardson will simplify the procedure of code learning.
  • Selenium Design Patterns and Best Practices by Dima Kovalenko does not require any previous experience in code writing.
  • Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide by Satya Avasarala show different APIs of WebDriver.
  • Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook by Unmesh Gundecha describes the specifics of API of WebDriver.
  • Mastering Selenium WebDriver by Mark Collin will show all the difficulties that a tester may face during the checking procedure.

Selenium WebDriver is a tool for web UI automation which is implemented via a specific browser driver. It sends the commands to the browser and receives results.

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