Effective Mobile Application Testing

Effective Mobile Application Testing
April 11 09:03 2017  

The test team conducts different types of software testing in order to detect and remove the crucial system bugs. Each such checking procedure should be cost-effective and should take minimum time. That is why every software testing type has its own specifics.

But the lack of checking services may lead to serious troubles after the product release. To avoid such results, the test team runs particular tests of different types. They ensure the thorough checking of certain system aspect.

What are the main aspects of mobile apps testing?

  • The proper choice of mobile device. It should possess the majority of those features that are required for the checking and fit the business and functional purposes of the system.
  • Sometimes the test team faces the choice between emulators and physical devices. In general, emulators are used during automated testing. They ensure the fast checking procedure but in some cases, emulators do not provide the proper results that fully reflect the real operation of the system.
  • In order to reduce TTM (Time to Market), cloud-based testing of mobile applications is conducted.
  • Each mobile product should be tested under different levels and quality of network connection.
  • To perform mobile testing, the team can apply the automated or manual approach. In some cases, manual testing is more suitable for checking a certain feature.
  • The system capacities to withstand high loads should be checked during stress, load and performance testing.
  • Security testing will detect the system vulnerabilities.

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