Why Is It Worth to Choose Software Tester Career?

Why Is It Worth to Choose Software Tester Career?
April 24 07:24 2017  

Many of the modern professions are connected to IT. There is no point to deny the fact that software has become a part of our everyday life. Anyway, software development is impossible without testing. Popularity of software testing started to grow not too many years ago, however, QA is considered to be very perspective field.

5 reasons to choose a QA engineer career

  1. Importance and responsibility. Almost every software tester understands that he helps to make the world better. Sometimes software testing plays a crucial role. For example, security testing unveils vulnerabilities of banking systems and users can be sure that their data and money are safe.
  2. Creativity. Software testing is a constantly changing sphere, every day there are different projects and accordingly different ways to test them. For example, every newly developed mobile application is expected to work on every smartphone. So during mobile application testing it is necessary to use dozens of devices with various operating systems and their versions. Another example is cross-browser testing that helps to detect bugs of a web application.
  3. Training. Due to increasing grow of software testing field the level of knowledge should be regularly upgraded. Any software tester can do it with help of books, blogs, courses, conferences, the main thing is striving to progress.
  4. Possibility to express an opinion. It often happens that a software tester finds bugs which are obvious, but developers didn’t mention them. The secret is that a tester can think and act, like a potential user. For this reason opinions of software testers are highly appreciated in the course of software planning and development.
  5. Flexibility. Some software testing companies let their specialists work remotely that gives a tester an opportunity to create a particular work environment.

Software testing becomes more and more valuable and due to the mentioned reasons QA Engineer is considered as job of the future.

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