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Why Is It Worth to Choose Software Tester Career? 0

Many of the modern professions are connected to IT. There is no point to deny the fact that software has become a part of our everyday life. Anyway, software development

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Why to Customize the CV for Each Vacancy? 0

Sometimes having a good resume is even more important than having a lot of experience. Remember that a resume is the face of the applicant; it makes the first impression

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What to do if there is a Gap in the Career? 0

Gaps in a career happen. When one comes to a software testing company for an interview, they will probably ask about it. But every gap can be explained, let’s dwell

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How Become Tester Working in Other Field? 1

Sometimes a person may get disappointed with his/her current career. In this case one should make changes to feel in one’s element again. Choosing a new field for building a

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