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Why Is It Worth to Choose Software Tester Career? 0

Many of the modern professions are connected to IT. There is no point to deny the fact that software has become a part of our everyday life. Anyway, software development

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What Does It Mean to Be a Good Software Tester? 0

New technologies appear, deadlines get shorter, and the end user expectations – higher. From this regard, any software testing company places more demands on hiring candidates for the QA specialist

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10 Characteristics of the Top-sawyer Product Tester 0

The software product is a special type of business which includes many nuances, starting from the concept of the future product itself and ending with the pre-release testing and deployment.

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5 Reasons to Become a Tester 0

Software testing is a very complex and sometimes even tiresome process which requires a tester to be stress-resistant and ready to work in certain conditions, deadlines, and ever-evolving technology growth.

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Entry-Level Testers: Bringing in New Blood 0

Recruitment plan of almost every software testing company involves hiring novice testers. An employee without professional experience in software testing field can be considered as a novice tester. If a

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Who Is Omega Tester? 0

In software testing company, some test teams may be understaffed. But pretty soon they will be fully staffed. The checking of small projects requires one specialist. Several testers may work

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