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The Power of Automation Testing: Magic Bullet or Smart Investment? (based on a case study)

There are many misconceptions surrounding automation testing. Some view it as a silver bullet that solves all testing woes. Others fear it’s too complex and expensive. Today, we aim to

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5 pain points for multimedia software you can handle with software testing

Hello. What symptoms bother you? The global way to digitalization and last pandemic experience lead to massive migration to the online space, changing trends, and end-user needs. Being limited to

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Benefits of Automation Testing for CIOs

What is the scope of work for CIOs? The field of their responsibilities is pretty vast, that’s why the instruments on effectiveness enhancing and control monitoring won’t go amiss. What

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The Most Important Metrics for Automation Testing

If you want to reach success, you must know how to define whether you did it or not. Every value has its measure. In the case of automation testing, this

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5 Distinct Pluses of Automated Testing

Nowadays QA company more and more applies the automation principle in software product testing. Being one of the last IT trends, automated testing allows a tester to monitor the test procedure

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