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Machine Learning: explanation and its role for Automated Testing

Since there is a bunch of explanations on the net, Machine learning can be a tricky subject for non-experts. People often mistook and have a blurry understanding of what is

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Artificial Intelligence: adoption and obstacles

2018 is a year of Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. They attract a lot of attention including media coverage making companies to explore and adopt AI technologies. Time

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Machine Learning Use Cases: what to expect

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already entered people’s life, and it is constantly transforming both business and personal sphere. As a subtype of AI, Machine Learning attracts special attention, and a number

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Why we talk to machines or when chatbots came?

Does Siri understand you all the time? Do you face any difficulties during communication? Is it always convenient for you to talk and listen to your personal assistant? Or is

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Will Microsoft Maluuba make artificial intellect ask questions?

Will artificial intelligence be able to ask questions? Probably, Maluuba knows the answer. Maluuba is a startup from Canada. The company is focused on creating the software that will be

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