Machine Learning Use Cases: what to expect

Machine Learning Use Cases: what to expect
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already entered people’s life, and it is constantly transforming both business and personal sphere. As a subtype of AI, Machine Learning attracts special attention, and a number of companies are working on the development of the solutions with Machine Learning models implemented.

AI and Machine Learning are so much-in-demand because their algorithms are able to predict outcomes on the basis of independently analyzed and processed data. Besides, the provided predictions are exact and precise, and the process requires minimum human interference.

Despite being still under development, current Machine Learning technologies are able to innovate and enhance different spheres of human life. For example, Machine Learning will change the face of customer services for better due to autonomous vehicles. They are already available now in a certain form, but their further development and improvement continue. And someday humans will take no participation in driving at all as algorithms will do everything instead. Autonomous vehicles are called to simplify and make driving safe. The Machine Learning algorithms process the data gathered by various sensors, cameras, and other devices. On the basis of received data, they help to drive a car predicting and avoiding any risky situations.

Healthcare industry

Machine Learning will innovate and make the healthcare industry more efficient. The algorithms will help to ensure a smooth procedure of correct clinical decision making. Also, the decision will base on all previous diagnoses and risks included. Besides, the algorithm for identification of cancerous tumors on mammograms is available now. Machine learning is a step forward for medicine.


The retail sector generates and processes a large volume of data that includes consumer-behavior analysis according to demographics. In the majority of cases, retail companies receive and store information in data warehouses that run a risk to lose data because of, for example, disconnection. So the implementation of Machine Learning algorithms will enable retail companies to improve their services by providing their customers with a personalized experience. How? The matter is that the technologies will help to predict the products customers prefer. And on the basis of these predictions, they will make the correspondent suggestions. For ecommerce solutions, Machine Learning can help to optimize the whole process of the users’ interaction with software.

Social media

Social media platforms also have a deal with huge data volumes. They strive to provide their users with accurate information. The Internet is overfilled with fake news that comes into different social platforms. Some social networks are trying to free their users from misinformation by hiring new employees that monitor newsfeed content. But such an approach requires significant funding, and its effectiveness may be rather doubtful. AI and Machine Learning technologies can help to ensure a fast moderation of content.


One more field that will benefit Machine Learning algorithms is cybersecurity. Cybersecurity Venture, a researcher of cyber economy, predicted that by 2021 cyberattacks would cost companies $6 trillion annually. Machine Learning algorithms implemented in security mechanisms will help to detect suspicious activities and defend systems against frauds.

AI and Machine Learning are at the beginning of their development. And their further growth will make a significant contribution to different spheres of human life.

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