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How do Desktop, Client-Server and Web App Testing Differ?

Client-server applications require menu driven app testing. During its procedure, the specialists check the product functionality and main feature such as GUI but on the both sides – client and

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Four Steps of Desktop Testing. Memorizer

It is not a secret that good planning affects the quality of the performed work. Making lists and structuring save time, effort and don’t let missing some essential points even

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Specifics of Desktop Usability Testing

Usability testing is designed to ensure the product is convenient and pleasant for using. And software testing company provides checking services on different machines. Usability checks during desktop application testing

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How Test Web Software on Mobile & Desktop Devices

At present smartphones and tablets are almost as powerful as some personal computers are. Mobile technology has become complex. Due to its rapid development we witness glut of various mobile

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Why Techniques for Desktop Testing Don’t Suit Mobile one?

Software testing experts claim that one of the secrets of fast and fruitful web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing is using thinking instruments and mnemonics. There are no

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