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Quality Assurance for CRM: popular questions and common myths

As an independent testing provider, QATestLab has plenty of data connected with sales and marketing processes. To carefully manage relationships with current and future customers, we use the CRM software. This

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Outsourcing, Outstaffing and Independent QA: What is the Difference?

Optimization of processes is fundamental for business growth and company scalability. In case of software delivery, you are able to reduce expenses and optimize workflow with the help of several

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Quality Assurance: a must for successful projects

Have you already crossed the bounds of the eight-hour shift and created something unique? If so, then you probably know what makes the startups prosperous. Intellect, courage, money, communication and

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Software Testing: Appointing a Suitable Independent Service Provider

Note: the article was updated in August 2020. Ready to appoint a third-party testing service provider to ensure the maximum product quality? It can be tempting to expect them to embark

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Software Testing Battle: In-House QA Department vs Independent Providers

Note: the article was updated in August 2020. Quality issues severely undermine customer trust and damage the company image. Improper system functionality, unhandled security vulnerabilities, or poor user experience will

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