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Benefits of Automation Testing for CIOs 0

What is the scope of work for CIOs? The field of their responsibilities is pretty vast, that’s why the instruments on effectiveness enhancing and control monitoring won’t go amiss. What

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Approaches for Designing Manual Test Cases 0

A proper description of test cases is important for both manual and automated testing. There are some challenges during writing tests for manual testing. Manual tests are created for humans,

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How to Mitigate Disadvantages of Manual Testing? 1

The fact that people sometimes differently understand and interpret requirements, test specification and some aspects of a test plan is both an advantage and disadvantage of manual testing. The advantage

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When is Manual Testing Better Than Automated? 0

A lot of activities performed during software testing are automated. This allows to complete various tasks during mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing and detect all the important

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Have to Save Time During Manual Testing? 0

It is often vital to carry out mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing in short terms as time limitations of a project are usually tight. That is why

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Test Automation: mysterious SilkTest 0

SilkTest is really very mysterious program to automate test plans. It is mysterious, because you cannot find a lot of information in the net on test automation. The purpose of

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