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How Reproduce Intermittent Errors on Mobile Software

Some errors discovered during mobile, desktop or web site testing cannot be reproduced. If there is an unreproducible software bug, it means that the tester overlooks and does not consider

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Expected Bugs during Mobile Testing

Mobile software products appeared not so long ago. Some of them are adjusted versions of programs for personal computers. Maybe these facts are among reasons of weird errors and unexpected

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Common Software Bugs of Mobile Web Apps

When mobile devices became smart and high tech machines they got access to the Internet. This triggered rapid development of web applications for mobile devices. Web applications for mobile devices

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What Causes Bugs in a Mobile Software?

Note: the article was updated in November 2018. According to statistics, 56% of all mobile users had problems with mobile software or applications. In most cases, apps crash or are

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Common Defects of Mobile Applications

Touch screen is a complex and sophisticated part of a device. It serves as an instrument for outputting and inputting information at the same time. Touch screens are equipped with

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