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What we learned from 100,000 game bugs reported?

On October 25 QATestLab held a webinar with our best test engineers Ivan, Alex, and Nazar to learn about game testing from experienced insiders, dispel popular myths and discuss unusual

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Guide for QA Leads: Responsibilities, Skills, Team Management

What kind of job do you do? – I’m QA lead in the IT company. – ‘QA’ what? Have you just made that out? Professional IT world is full of

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Best Practices of Test Case Creation in JIRA

“What” and “how” questions take about 30% of the testing process. A good test case covers these questions considerably reducing the time spent on them. To perform its main functions,

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What is the Difference Between SRS, FRS and BRS?

Note: the article was updated in July 2020. Software testing professionals recognize these abbreviations: SRS, FRS, and BRS. Meaning “software”, “functional”, and “business” requirement specifications, they are main document types

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4 Types of Project Documentation

It is hard and not so efficient to perform web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing without any documentation. Even if there are test-cases it may be difficult

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