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PM’s Notes: Why your Team Works Overtime

Let’s face reality – we are not robots working 24/7. Overtime is not always good and often it leads to serious emotional burnout and demotivation. But, you may agree, sometimes

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Performance Management Tools: Types, Challenges & Solutions

A talented workforce is a foundation for the success of every organization. Companies spend more than $ 115 billion worldwide to find and attract the best professionals. Still, if the

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Practical tips for PM: How to build a QA Dream Team

The practice of QATestLab Project Managers shows, that if before starting work with a team, the lead takes time to prepare, this time will pay off during the work. The

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Top 10 Tools for Effective Project Management

The choice of software for project management is huge and each leader uses the tool he considers the best one. We prepared the overview of tools we get used to

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