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Best practices to make your QA meetings more effective 2

Have you ever been stuck in a poorly-organized meeting? I mean when you come on time and wait for 20 minutes for its start. Plan? Not clear. Who is in

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Tips to Start Career in Testing Rightly 0

Based on statistics, a job of software tester becomes more and more popular every year. Every software testing company wants to be the first who will gain the most qualified

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How to Estimate Testers’ Professional Growth? 0

Conclusions from regular reviews of test engineers’ skills and progress in performing software testing are drawn based on many aspects. Every software testing company works out its own criteria and

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How to Grow Professionally in Software Testing? 0

Having found an interesting occupation and got a good job, one shouldn’t stop and relax. In order to be successful and grow professionally one should constantly learn something new. People

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How to Build a Career in Software Testing? 0

Possessing necessary personal qualities and professional skills, one can quickly build a career in software testing field. The most important is to be good in finding defects during web site

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How Become Tester with Education in the Other Field? 0

Testing seems interesting and easy to a lot of people, so they look for a job in a software testing company. Sometimes some people decide to change their specialization and

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