How Restart a Career in Testing after a Break?

How Restart a Career in Testing after a Break?
September 12 10:00 2014  

Sometimes a person may have a short-term career break. There are many possible reasons for such a break, for example, health problems, getting additional education, maternity leave, moving to a different town or country, taking time off for one’s personal needs, etc.

One shouldn’t be overstressed about having been temporary unemployed. There is always some kind of job available for those willing to get it. An important thing is that one should be able to give a valid explanation of a career gap at the job interview.

If you are planning to restart a career in a software testing company, write a decent resume and cover letter, stating there the main reasons of a career break. Be honest and direct, and an employer will consider your candidature.

When Applying for The Position of a Tester Make Sure:

  • you are passionate about your career and want to develop and grow as a professional tester;
  • you have practical experience in different testing types, like mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing;
  • you are proficient in manual or automated testing;
  • you are ready to work hard and have an intention to be engaged in a long-term partnership with a software testing company.

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