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How to Form Development and Testing Team?

Almost every startup software testing company wants to eventually grow into agile dream team. There is no need to invest vast amount of money in a team to make it

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Improving Testers Performance

Any software testing company should form a team of professional testers from the very beginning, as directly on it the number of projects, customer feedback and reputation of the company

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Is Team Building Necessary for Software Testing?

Today talking about software testing the expression “team building” is often used, but not everyone knows what it means by itself. In a nutshell – it is strengthening of communication

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5 Components of a Successful QA Team

Every software testing company has its QA team which usually consists of different departments: testers, project managers, QA leads and so on. But not every common test engineer can imagine

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How to Enhance Work Efficiency of a Test Team?

Software testing is rather new type of activity. It appeared in course of information technology evolving. Nowadays a lot of software testing start-ups are created, there are many novice testers.

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