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Testing: The Reverse Side of the Coin (Part 2) 0

The experienced specialists from software testing company know how to distinguish between the useful tips or effective practices and total nonsense. But for newcomer testers, it is difficult to do.

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Testing: The Reverse Side of the Coin (Part 1) 0

Software testing is rather interesting and exciting field. There are a lot of skilled specialists with a big working experience. They are always ready to help and give a piece

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Tips to Help Novice QA to Gain Testing Skills 0

The best way to perform mobile, desktop or web site testing is to use the application in a way its end users will do it. Unlike users a tester must

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Difference Between QA and Testing 3

Note: the article was updated in October 2018 Software testing and QA (Quality Assurance) are not the same notions. They have different goals, specific features and methods to apply. Let’s

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Purpose of an Independent QA Audit 0

The Software Engineering Institute/Capability Maturity Model (SEI CMM) describes periodic independent audits of the QA activities and work products of an organization’s QA group.  This is specifically stated in the

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Testing Delay – Headache of Test Managers 1

When the testing and development are clearly laid out and executed strictly according to plan and schedule, then the product is released in time and with appropriate level of quality.

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