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Software Tester in 2018: skills and duties

The priority for every self-standing person is to decide the area of employment. Let’s suggest that you are the lucky one. The sphere of your interest is in IT, and

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Improve Testing with Continuous Learning

Typical software testing company never stands still but always strives to improve its overall process of testing. In order to do this, a company needs to apply the principles of

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How to Develop Peripheral Testing Skills?

Peripheral testing provides the development of the bug-free product of a high quality. Testers should be attentive and concentrated while performing software testing. But it is important to keep in

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Software Tester: High Qualification Background vs Knowledge

Employees with high qualification background are desirable by lots of companies. But is it true for all companies? What about software testing company? Is it obligatory for software tester to

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Tips to Help Novice QA to Gain Testing Skills

The best way to perform mobile, desktop or web site testing is to use the application in a way its end users will do it. Unlike users a tester must

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