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Positive UX – how to make wow effect simple

Do you return home if you forget your phone on a table? Can you live at least one day without any gadget or PC? According to the report made by

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UI Testing of iOS Apps with UIAutomation

Apple Inc. provided a special tool for creating and running auto tests to conduct UI testing of various products both on real devices and iOS simulators. It is developed in

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How to Optimize User Interface Testing

User interface testing is one of the most frequently used types of testing provided on the IT market. Every software testing company needs specialists with good knowledge of this method

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Four Steps of Desktop Testing. Memorizer

It is not a secret that good planning affects the quality of the performed work. Making lists and structuring save time, effort and don’t let missing some essential points even

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UI Testing on Android: How to Do It Right

The major part of mobile market is currently occupied by Android devices. All actions that users perform on Android devices affect the user interface and lead to its changes. A

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Why to Develop Customized Tools for UI Testing?

It looks like the diversity of test tools suggested by vendors allows to pick up needed instruments for any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. But in practice

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