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Web Site Testing: Whim or Necessity? 0

Today, almost every company hoping to expand the circle of its customers and creates its own web site or even a few. But just to create a web site is

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How to Test Access Points of Web Software? 0

Security is a very important attribute for any modern application. It is carefully verified during mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing. Web software security requires more attention than

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What to test During Web Performance Testing? 0

In time of intense rivalry between software producers every aspect of a software product plays an important role in its success or failure at the market. That is why every

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How to Test Web Sites and Applications? 0

Web technologies became complex. They involve lots of various aspects and are meant to satisfy the user needs the best way. From simple informational sites web software products have evolved

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How Can Cookies Threat Web Software Security? 0

Some web software users have a prejudice against cookies. They claim that one of the reasons of their discontent is that cookies threaten safety of their sensitive data. Web developers

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Why do Many People Don’t Like Cookies? 0

Web software developers claim that cookies are created only for increasing usability and usefulness of web sites. But a lot of users and experts in web site testing disagree with

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