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How to Test Responsive Design? 0

Nowadays a huge number of various devices are used for serving the Internet. They have different screen size and resolution, system capacities, etc. In order to improve the user’s experience

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How to Improve E-Commerce Products? 0

Nowadays, there is a huge amount of e-commerce products and new online-shops and apps appear every day. But it does not mean that the e-commerce market is closed for new

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What Is a Client-Server Application? 0

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish and clarify the concept of ‘client’ and ‘server’. The client is a PC or a workstation with the help of which users

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Client Side vs Server Side 0

The interaction between the end users and various web products is possible due to the special means on the client and server sides where website scripts run. The client side

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Cross Browser Testing: Why? Where? When? 0

Talking about user interface testing, one cannot forget about the product checking on various devices, OS versions, and browsers. It is a widespread problem when a user wants to open

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Methods of Web Applications Testing 0

Many testers during their career at least once faced with incomplete testing of sites that almost always leads to considerable financial costs, customer dissatisfaction, and, eventually, to the re-development of

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