Automated Testing

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Which Parts of the Project Should be Firstly Automated? 0

The first question that arises during the software product testing and which should be answered without bias is: “Is it advisable to use automated testing for this software?”. In the

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What Languages and Tools are Utilized for Test Automation? 0

Nowadays there are tools allowing to automate creation of automated test cases. One doesn’t have to be a programmer for that. Test cases can be effectively automated if they are

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When is Manual Testing More Preferable Than Automated? 0

A lot of activities performed during software testing are automated. This allows to complete various tasks during mobile application testing, desktop testing, web site testing and detect all the important

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What Methods are Used for Automation of Customer Tests? 0

It is known that software products are used for various purposes and involve domain knowledge from various fields. Programmers may have surface knowledge about the application domain, its rules. They

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Why is it Necessary to Refactor Automated Tests? 0

It is known that during test-driven development writing of a small part of code is followed by verifying this part by means of automated tests that are prepared beforehand. This

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What Helps to Increase Efficiency of Automated Testing? 0

Any modern software development process includes both manual and automated testing. Automated tests are sometimes incorporated in the development process, during test-driven development, for example. So, they are used both

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