Security Testing

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Security Testing Tools 0

Nowadays, security of personal and corporate data plays an important role. And a huge attention is paid to thorough penetration testing, security testing, access control testing, etc. To check whether

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Security Testing Myths 0

For various specialists, the notion ‘security’ has different meaning and includes diverse concept. In general, security means the combination of specific means that protect the product from malicious attacks and

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7 Types of Security Testing 0

Nowadays, all current software products go through a detailed security testing as there is a high possibility that hackers will try to still the confidential data and use it for

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How to Test Access Points of Web Software? 0

Security is a very important attribute for any modern application. It is carefully verified during mobile testing, desktop testing and web site testing. Web software security requires more attention than

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How to Provide Effortless and Secure Access to a Web Application? 0

Web software must be secure and convenient for its users. Providing these qualities is the main task for web application designers. Their implementation is checked during functional testing, performance testing,

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Why is GET HTTP Request Method Unsuitable for Dealing With Sensitive Data? 0

Functional testing, security testing, usability testing and other types of checking web, mobile and desktop software products differ due to specificities of web, mobile and desktop technologies. Carrying out security

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