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System Testing vs Integration Testing 0

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the differences between the types of software testing. The usage of the particular type depends on the product itself, the main purpose of testing

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Differences between Good and Bad Testers 0

The qualities of a Good Tester are well-known and desired by employers and testers themselves. But there is less information about a Bad Tester. How to understand whether the tester

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Developers vs Testers 0

Testers and Developers are parts of the unique process of creating a prosperous project. They are like the Earth and the Mood – cooperate with each other for the common

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Are Changes in Testing Good? 0

The biggest fear of modern people is to fall into a routine. It concerns both work and life. None other than employees of software testing company know that. Software testers

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Software Tester: High Qualification Background vs Knowledge 0

Employees with high qualification background are desirable by lots of companies. But is it true for all companies? What about software testing company? Is it obligatory for software tester to

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What Should be Known About Load Testing? 0

Testers with many years of experience in the software product testing know that load testing is divided into two subspecies – endurance testing and volume testing. Both subspecies vary by

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