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Does Your Project Need a Test Plan? 0

In order to structure and organize the testing process, the accepted practice is to create testing plans. A testing plan is considered to be a document which describes scope and

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Advantages of Using Test Design Technique 0

What do you know about test design technique? In fact test design technique is used for many years by software testing company. Test design technique becames more widely used for

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General Standards for Component Testing 0

BS 7925-2 is a software test standard that defines the overall process of testing, techniques of test cases creation and other activities that are used in component testing. The main

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Limitations and Difficulties of the Checklists 2

The significant feature of checklists is that they are normally not very specific, especially those high-level ones. For instance, a high-level functional checklist normally includes the main functions to be

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Software Testing Checklist – 5 Steps to Success 1

Software testers have found the concept of checklist with the professional clarifications to be an excellent way of ensuring a successful testing project. What are the software testing professional clarifications?

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