Software Test Documentation

Software Test Documentation
March 18 07:34 2016  

To run into production the system of a very high quality, QA specialists perform a thorough checking of every aspect of the system or application with the help of various testing types (automated or manual testing, security control, usability testing, load testing, unit testing, etc.).

The testing procedure requires the creation of several documents which will arrange the whole process and ensure a complete checking.

What Documents Can Be Used During Software Testing?

  • Test plan
  • Test design specification
  • Test case
  • Test procedure specification
  • Test item transmittal report
  • Test log
  • Test incident report
  • Test summary report

The first four documents are created before software testing process and even before development procedure. They are necessary to perform scripted testing which presupposes the planning of tests based on the formal system requirements.

It is not obligatory and necessarily to create all mentioned documents to check one product or one of its aspects. The choice depends on the product peculiarities, the specialists and the internal regulations of the company.

Each document of the given list consists of several elements or sections. These elements are used to describe and define the conditions of testing environment, the specific feature to be tested, the input combinations, etc.

To properly write every document used during software testing, a tester should be aware of the peculiarities of its constituent parts and their goals.

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