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5 Tips to Build Effective Test Data Strategy 0

In a software testing company, the term “test data” usually means data used for testing of a particular product. Each software tester knows that test data and a product under

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Test Design Specification 0

Test design specification is one of the documents which may be used during software product testing. It contains the information and parameters which are needed to effectively perform the checking

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Software Test Documentation 0

To run into production the system of a very high quality, QA specialists perform a thorough checking of every aspect of the system or application with the help of various

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Test Plan Constituents 0

The specialists from software testing company write test plans which simplify a lot the testing procedure. Test plans help to arrange functional testing, performance testing or installation testing. Test plans

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Test Plan: Test Environment, Project Schedule and Staff 0

Mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing require certain environment. Test environment has a massive impact on tests results. If the necessary environment conditions are not created, the tests

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What Should Be Included in a Test Plan? 0

Test plan is an integral part of any software testing. It should be elaborated for every web site testing, desktop testing and mobile testing and take into account the project

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